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The most recommended accounts to add on Snapchat usually contain high-quality content.

1Renee MatthewsRenee Matthews @matthews_saddle 5/5136 reviews
2Rhonda GreeneRhonda Greene @mrsgreeneblog 5/546 reviews
3Darren HorneDarren Horne @darrenhorne 5/538 reviews
4BaiermanBaierman @baierman11 5/534 reviews
5Chelsea PeitzChelsea Peitz @chelsea.peitz 5/526 reviews

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Celebrities and brands dominate the top 5 of most famous Snapchat usernames.

1NFLNFL @nfl
2MTVMTV @mtv
3Jeffree StarJeffree Star @jeffreedahmer
4Belle DelphineBelle Delphine @private
5Kylie JennerKylie Jenner @kylizzlemynizzl 👑

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