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Jacob Elordi is an Australian actor. He played the role of Noah Flynn in The Kissing Booth. In 2019, Elordi began playing Nate Jacobs in the HBO television series Euphoria, with his co-star, Zendaya.

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Jacob Elordi's Snapchat username is unknown. He does not seem to have a Snapchat account yet.

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  • By Vijosa ahmeti on December 31, 2019

    Hi. Um.... i just wanted to say that i think you are a really great actor and just wanted to let you know that ive literally watched kissing booth ten times now and i seem to be obsessed with it. I even know every single detail about it. It would absolutely mean the world to me if you replied.

  • By Brianna on December 31, 2019

    From brianna . I think you are really cute and do you have snapchat because I want to add you