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Hi, my name is Ashley & I'm an accidental entrepreneur...I never planned on working for myself let alone starting my own business but after growing my own personal LinkedIn network from 600 to >3000 in just a little over 6 weeks I found my special talent.

I help smallbiz create a brand up their digital identity & authentically integrate into consumers personal lives through social media. Through storytelling with content marketing providing value it's easy to organically grow an audience that you actually engage with and have a relationship with which in turn exponentially grows into a much more loyal audience. It's not about what you're selling but WHY your doing it; capture the emotion behind your consumer to touch them.,, rather than reach them. Change your sales, marketing, and advertising approach to an A.R.T. - Be Authentic, Be Relevant, Be Transparent... and that essentially does your marketing for you through word-of-mouth.

I specialize in leveraging all social platforms but most specifically in Snapchat for B2B and B2C marketing campaigns for growing businesses via workshops, seminars, one-on-one consulting, group training and speaking events. By growing a community around your business you're able to build a loyal following of actual consumers that are ranting and raving about your product for you saving you lost time and precious resources.

Snapchat Description

Snapping along my journey as an accidental entrepreneur, follow my progress from the start!! My #edtech start-up, Sopac, inc, is all about creating a social impact through embracing the endless amount of resources available through technology, and the opportunities are only getting better and better as the digital economy integrates more big data analysis and ioT prediction strategies. Get ahead of the game now my friends! SOCIAL iMPACT BRANDING starts with networking and helping small businesses, entrepreneurs, mom and pop shops, etc. understand the value in embracing technology and then using that power to create a strategic online presence through storytelling.


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  • By Brittany on October 30, 2016

    I just Anna thank you Ashley ffrom being sooooo inspirational .. you work soon hard and have achieved Soooooo much I just hope oon day I can reach out to as many people as you have ! Watching you videos everyday always puts a smile on my face you are soooo special to me keep it up.... !

  • By Aaron "Chico" Rodriguez on October 29, 2016

    Creative. Passionate. Persistent. Ashley's energy and positivity is contagious! She always seems to be thinking forward and seeing the potential in everything. I'm glad to know someone like her that actually gets me & can keep pushing me to do better.

  • By Sheena Apostolopoulos on October 29, 2016

    She is very encouraging and quick to answer any question regarding social media.

  • By BigJohn on October 29, 2016

    I think she is an awesome and amazing person and she knows what she's talking about

  • By Me on October 22, 2016

    Bad personality

  • By I cant say on September 28, 2016

    I didnt like that she started crying on her snapchat (like literally) just because her terrible personal website was hacked

  • By Bill Flannery on September 1, 2016

    Ashley is engaging and super high energy . She is quick to respond if you have a question about social media .

  • By Bree Palmer on August 30, 2016

    I'm all about women who are kicking ass & especially in this space. Ashley is owning what she "accidentally" fell into and she is so smart. So sit down, shut up & pay attention cause this lady is a genius!

  • By Simon, host of @TriviaCandy on August 25, 2016

    First off, let me say that Ashley is the

    She definitely knows her stuff! When I was new to Snapchat, she graciously let me take over her channel to help build a following. I appreciate all of her social media marketing insight and strategic tips.

    Don't hesitate. Add Ashley now!