General Description

A Heathcare entrepreneur from Miami on a journey to unbreakcare, a digital health geek,  Telehealth champion, basketball junkie, internet marketer, social media Pracitioner with goals to change how we  receive healthcare forever! 

Snapchat Description

On my snapchat channel, I help people break into t a boomin new sector in healthcare telehealth! As one of the top experts in the country, I share my knowledge and provide access to my snapchat audience to my Telehealth Champions Network. I provide weekly motivating message with my "motivation Monday" segment, deliver enagaging demos of amazing digital health technologies in "telehealth tech tuesday", teach social medica marketing basics with our partners Tecademics in "winning Wednesday" & showcase other snapchat influencer on "takeover Tuesday", also you get to see my daily journey as i revolutionize healthcare! ADD TODAY !


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