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I'ver never been fucked by anything harder than my organic chem final just now. Tankfully it's my last exam to the semester. I think it me boo realy to post this but maybe fate will bring me my perfect summerboytoy. One can only hope! So iv've been a Domme for a year now and i would say my kinks that I enjoy change seasonally. Current kinks are: spitn play, edging, pegging and cei. I'm into a lot of others but those currently get me off the most. I don't enjoy rejecting men unnecessarily.. espescially atm.. so please make sure you fit the following requirements before you send a PM

-You must be +18, you must have privacy. You must be single. You must be lookin for a longterm Domme (at least for the summer) You must have an open mind and eager to please. Hopefully being upfront about requirement will help prevent unnecessary rejection and also spare my inbox lol. If you meet my requirement don't send me a one word message with your snapchat username, or one of those chat messages. Get my attention !

- May the odds be forever in your favor

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Brianna Freitas' Snapchat username is briannaft69. Online entertainment :3


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  • By Getthefuckoutkid on June 15, 2019

    Stop commenting my page. Thanks. Brianna.

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  • By binks on June 15, 2019

    nice cute girl