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Colby Brock is a social media personality and an Instagram star who is popular for his work as a Viner and a YouTuber as one-half of Sam and Colby. He is currently the CEO of MetaLife, a new, subscription-based, interactive online platform to teach highly applicable life skills in a way that is engaging, fun and communal.

Sam and Colby's YouTube channel has grown to over half a million subscribers and they had a million followers on Vine before it shut down in early 2017.

Their most popular vine titled "Following Fat People", like a character in Seth MacFarlane's TV show 'Family Guy' does, stirred up a lot of controversy at first. Later on Colby's friend Sam Golbach explained saying, "We wanted to become known, so we thought the best way and the fastest way to do that was to be funny on Vine." Colby also has his own channel separate from best friend Sam Golbach called Colby Brock where he makes vlogs, prank videos, and exploration videos with other YouTubers such as Brennen Taylor and Big Nik, which has accumulated over 1.1 million subscribers.

Colby also has quite a large following on Instagram and Twitter, with about 965k followers on his Instagram and over 680k followers on his Twitter account. Colby resides in Los Angeles, California in a shared house with Sam Golbach, Jake Webber, Aaron Doh, Corey Scherer, and Devyn Lundy.

Colby is also starring in the American Reality Docu Series Stranded With Sam And Colby that aires on Snapchat as a Snapchat Original.

Snapchat Description

Colby Brock's Snapchat username is colbybrockk.


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