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General Description

I am a writer by trade. I love dogs, wine, nature and well...writing.  

However, I am not your common or garden variety regular copywriter.

Nope! I don't like over the top sales fluff and I don't do it.

Our tag line is 'Intelligent Copy for Smart People'.

I tend to post 'Revelation of the Method' type posts...you know...showing you where the whole science of persuasion came from, and how to recognize it when you see it.

I am a big dog lover too (you can see a photo of my 12 year old Parson Russell Terrier on Steemit here) and am professionally qualified Canine Therapist which I practice in my spare time.

Oh...and before I took to writing full time I worked in the UK Financial Services industry for over 20 years ….anyhow...moving on…And did I mention I live in Hungary? 

In short, I transform your words into a language your audience will love. No meaningless sales waffle...just clear, compelling and intelligent copy for smart people...like you!

Snapchat Description

British. Loves dogs, wine, nature and writing. I snap about life in Hungary, plus wry observations about life in general as well as copywriting and persuasion tips.  I am like marmite, you will either love me or hate me ;-)


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