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Because everything we do, we do with the idea of bringing good to the world. We believe in challenging people's perspectives and pushing the boundaries. We do this by delivering thought-provoking, interactive social strategies, brilliant campaigns and using inspiring content and imagery to spread your valuable and unique message to the world. We are storytellers, artists, and do-gooders.  Let's join forces!

I'm a social media strategist, iphone photographer, artist and creative content producer committed to BRANDING my clients fearLESSly, helping them share their unique visions, and bring their mission to the world. I am all about social good and I provide "Do-Gooders" everywhere with a platform to grow.

Through numerous social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, video platforms, blogs, iphoneography and digital photography, I create conversations that get noticed and brands that shine. 

I'm a contributing author in the anthology Rescued Volume 2: The Healing Stories of Twelve Cats, Through Their Eyes., from FitCat Publishing. I am also a professional member of the Cat Writers Association.  I'm currently in the process of developing a wellness campaign and a book about my health journey and I am part of the newly released documentary called "Who Am I".  I also put together a panel of women in wellness called Be In Wellness and we do panels and interactive events throughout CT, you can learn more over at my blog on my website. #BeWell #DoGood #fearLESS 

I hold a master's degree in special education with 15 years teaching experience, and a bachelor's of fine arts in art education, broad based studies, with minors in history and womens' studies and extra grad courses in Art Therapy.

I'm an animal advocate, author, volunteer, foodie, wellness activist and general lover of anything that gets my creative juices flowing. I'm am a proud owner of an ileostomy since 2011 and you will want to learn more about my "hair explosion parties" lol. Follow my #fearLESS Wellness Blog and join in the conversation over at

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