General Description

Johnathan Grzybowski is the founder of The Blind Entrepreneur. Which is a podcast that highlights the accomplishments of millennial entrepreneurs. Johnathan helps startups with branding, growth, and digital hacking.

It’s never been easier to start a business, but how do you make it successful? Constantly millennials are claiming to be entrepreneurs, but may not truly know what it takes to either become one or last long enough to succeed at being one. By listening/viewing The Blind Entrepreneur, we are determined to help those who are “blind” see the true struggles of business, successes, and the grind it took these millennials to succeed.

Snapchat Description

Snapchat Content: As an entrepreneur you have so much that is needed to be done on a daily basis. Johnathan shows off some of the things that makes him laugh throughout his day, highlights the individuals that he has on his podcast, and also gives shoutouts to the startups that send swag to him and his team.

Johnathan Grzybowski's Snapchat username is @grzybowskij.


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