General Description

Youtuber and Mechanic by day. I vlog our family adventures and fun and try to inspire others to get out and enjoy life.... YouTube search.. "The Morales Adventures". Follow me on snap and help inspire others to #livemore. This is a movement I'm pushing to just live life just a little bit more. Life is short and lets not forget to stop and smell the flowers. Nothing but positivity and happiness with a dash of fun. Former military army mechanic, so theres that. lol

Snapchat Description

I am a Vlogger so I just snap my life. I do MacGyver Tuesdays on Snapchat. where I give you life hacks. Wed_nes_day I do Confession wed_nes_day. Drop me a confession and I post your snap code for playing. Thursday I do "What is IT?" Where I take a picture of something and you guess what it is and winner gets code posted. OH! aand watch out for my rants. people love those.... FUCK TWILIGHT!

Chico Morales' Snapchat username is @hulkforreal.


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  • By Amber C. Nore on April 4, 2017

    Chico is a can't-miss Snapchat storyteller and YouTube channel vlogger. I appreciate him for his creative snaps, down-to-earth attitude and ability to be authentic on a platform were so many people put on a show. Chico is inspiring, funny, and creative… What's not to love? He also engages with his followers and shares useful tips that make boring stuff like cars seem slightly more cool. Chico also drinks more Redbull than any human on the entire planet. He will out drink you with that stuff. Hands-down.

  • By Baierman on March 23, 2017

    You know that "LiveMore" sticker people use all the time on Snapchat? Well, credit Chico here for sharing this positive message each and every day.

    You won't find BS or fake positivity on his channel. I admire Chico cause he's real, down-to-earth and loves to let loose.

    Fun dude!

  • By Barry St.George on November 5, 2016

    Genuine, Awesome, Great Content, Inspirational, Mr. Morales is a person you would want as your neighbor. My Favorite Bar None.

  • By DJStruthMate on October 5, 2016

    This guy fu@king rocks! Go Follow straight away! Creative, Energetic, Interactive & "For Real"! Oh, & #LIVEMORE you ask..? Get onto it ASAP people! #URock Chico!!!

  • By vickytepuni01 on October 4, 2016

    Chico one of my favourite snappers. So positive and real, he lives what he speaks. #LIVEMORE

  • By cowglow on September 27, 2016

    Chico is genuine and happy. Share in his adventures as a mechanic and learn new thing on his MacgyVer Tuesday. Also you could be the one who guesses, "What Is It?"

    Loads of fun!