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Hello snap chatters! I am Kimba Cooper, owner of Kimba Digital Marketing. I've been snapping for around six months and I LOVE it. I love the interaction, I love the engagement and just how kind the snapchat community is. (Fair to say I'm an addict)

Snapchat Description

I snap about my life as a new business owner, social media news and some insights into my life.. my exercise routine and occasionally my cat. Learn more about Kimba Digital here:


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  • By Chocjohnny on April 20, 2017

    What a lovely young lady. So funny, kind, creative, engaging and so much knowledge. It's been a pleasure watching her grow into a top snap chatter and using the platform so well. Oh and her accent is so wonderful. It's been fantastic building a Snapchat friendship with Kimba.

  • By Terry Sullivan on February 3, 2017

    Kimba is a very engaging person who creates really good content.
    Add her if you want to see her actually add real value to your social media business. A lovely smile awaits you 😊

  • By Baierman on January 30, 2017

    Love the insights and the peak into the daily life (and mind) of a social media entrepreneur.

    Kimba also gets that Snapchats biggest asset isn't the public story but the conversations that happen in the chat.