General Description

@KrisGillentine is a longtime journalist, storyteller and social media consultant. She loves travel, good people, good stories and good causes.

She is also the creator and host of #ChatSnap - The Twitter Chat All About Snapchat - which happens every Wednesday at 2pm ET.

Snapchat Description

Kristy Gillentine utilizes Snapchat to bring awareness to people, places, causes and news she cares about. She also likes to incorporate audience engagement in her Snapchat stories, involving them in her storytelling process by sharing their ideas and input.


Kristy Gillentine currently has a total of 17 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5.

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  • By Baber on March 31, 2019


  • By Katie Miller on April 4, 2018

    Kristy is the girl every one wishes lived next door. She is sweet, open, honest and very at what she does. She has a heart of gold and is willing to help wherever she can. If you haven't added her or attended one of her #ChatSnap Twitter Chats, get on that right away. You wont be sorry!

  • By Allison Diamond on April 7, 2017

    Kristy's enthusiasm is infectious and her work ethic is admirable. She's a font of social media knowledge and plain old fun to watch on Snapchat!

  • By #AskAshleyK on October 30, 2016

    Love, love, love what Kristy has done with the Twitter chat, #Chatsnap!! What a great way to continue building up your Snapchat community on an external platform!!

  • By RitaAnn~ on October 18, 2016

    Once you watch a few of her snaps, you'll feel like you know her. Kristy is personable, and friendly, her snaps are inviting.

  • By baierman11 on October 7, 2016

    Kris excels at #socialgood. She's got a big heart and her snaps are usually about others and how she's helping her community. Highly recommend.

    PS: She's the founder of #Chatsnap, a weekly twitter chat that may be the only reason to use Twitter these days.

  • By Jan makkink on September 24, 2016

    Awesome woman with a even better personality , warm and kind hearted kris I'm glad to have you as a friend

  • By adamtilted on September 2, 2016

  • By Leslie Gustafson on September 1, 2016

    Smart, Fun, ChatSnap Founder who is great to know and work with! Kris is a must follow on Snapchat!!

  • By RawAllison on September 1, 2016

    Hi energy, friendly, and social media savvy! Kris is personable while still being knowledgeable, which makes her a pleasure to interact with. I enjoy her weekly #chatsnaps on Twitter.