General Description

Mallory Musallam is a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed creative renegade with a dynamic aptitude for storytelling, brand development, and multimedia content creation.

Small girl, big personality. Renown mischief-maker. Disheveled debutante.

  •  incorrigibly bonkers
  • self-deprecating 
  • dressed to kill
  • wildly entertaining 

Snapchat Description

Mallory Musallam's Snapchat username is @mischievousmal. High jinks, high jinks, get your high jinks on this gal's wildly inappropriate snap acct. A girl and her ADHD living in a crazy fun house of a world, taking strides one calamity at a time.

LOVE Lifehacks, technology, bargains, thrift shopping, DIY projects, talking about  pop-culture and inserting my unapologetic and typically controversial opinions on trending topics.  


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