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General Description

Hello, I'm Miranda Monahan and I am a journalism student at St. Clair College, photographer, videographer, drone pilot, Shutterstock and BuzzFeed Community contributor and member of Girl Guides of Canada. 

Snapchat Description

Miranda Monahan (M3)'s Snapchat username is mrndmnhn21. I post things about my daily life, cool photos and videos I've shot, drone shots, random thoughts I have, stories I have written, podcast stuff, I even try to have my own Snapchat news show by telling people breaking news and will try to post interviews I do, if I can. 

MediaPlex: http://themediaplex.com/?s=miranda+monahan

BuzzFeed Contributor: https://www.buzzfeed.com/mrndmnhn21

Shutterstock:  http://shutterstock.com/g/Miranda+Monahan


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