General Description

Follow the daily roller coaster life of a SILICON HARBOR Tech StartUP -  VAETAS a Video App & Platform.

  • Watch the cast of characters as they 'Grind it out' and pursue the American Dream of launching and building a company while facing countless rejection, generating revenue, seeking investors, raising capital, creating a market and product offering and taking the next generation of technology to the masses at the same time attempting to dominate a NICHE.
  • Working out of an abandoned warehouse without air conditioning and virtually working with team members in remote areas the TEAMVAETAS members are forced to become Video Experts and Marketing Technology Consultants in a vast hyper-competitive over crowded market of advertising & media agencies vying for the same excess revenue that brands and business are fighting to hold on to in the last of the Great Recessions.  Its the Age of VIDEO and everyone wants a piece.

Snapchat Description

StartUP Life in Charleston, SC better known as SILICON HARBOR


  • John Rizzo - Founder
  • Jen Santoro - Co-Founder
  • TC North - Hired Gun
  • Josh Silverman - Serial Entrepreneur

Supporting Cast:

Co-Founders, Investors, Mentors, Media, Interns, Clients, Prospects, Kids, Family, Friends, Incubators & Innocent Bystanders.

Team Vaetas' Snapchat username is @teamvaetas.


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