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@teufelchrisotph is an influencer. For some brands official brand ambassador. He also is a travel - lifestyle blogger. His account tag 'teufelchristoph' is the same on almost every social media plattform. Christoph Teufel is also an entrepreneur, Co-Founder at and EMPIRE LC ( He loves it to start new projects and build big things.

His main motto is, to always be one step ahead in realizing dreams. DO FAIL REPEAT


Do you also have a story to tell? Yes? You definitely should do it via Snapchat!

Any questions about Snapchat, how to snap, how to include it to your daily business?- - Feel free to get in touch with me and contact me!

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If you follow Christoph Teufel on Snapchat with @teufelchristoph you will get insights to his daily life, doesn't matter if he's traveling around and globetrotting, working on new projects or maybe is just having a boring day at the office.


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